Component Parts

Our component parts are designed specifically for dust collection and are American-made. We can also fabricate custom parts as needed.

Sheet Metal Components, Angle Ring

Angle Rings (Flanges)

We keep our angle rings stocked in mild steels from 3” to 72”diameters.  Galvanized and stainless steel are all custom order.  We can provide angle rings in stamped or rolled to any specification. Differences in diameters, bolt centers and hole patterns are not a problem, we have you covered. 

Blast Gates

Standard Blast Gates are fabricated from Aluminum for Housing with Galvanized Blade in sizes 4″ – 24″, custom sizes and materials available. 4″ – 20″ manual operated are normally in stock.
Sheet Metal Components, Blast Gates

Elbows, One Piece

Elbows range in sizes 3” to 15” raw end made from galvanized steel 22 gauge to 20 gauge.

Round Duct

Our round spiral pipes range in sizes 3” to 16” diameter made from galvanized steel 24 gauge to 20 gauge, 10 foot in length and crimped on one end. We also offer clamp together ducting and have some in stock.
Sheet Metal Components, Round Duct
Sheet Metal Components, Flex Hose

Flex Hose

Our flex hose range in sizes 3” to 12” diameter. Where maximum flexibility is required, light weight hose is used. This hose is made of two-ply cotton neoprene coated, with spiral steel wire reinforcement.
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