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These projects are just a small sample of what we can do here at Argo.

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Fume System

We designed, fabricated and installed a weld smoke collection system for a maintenance shop at a refinery.

The goal of the system was to vent weld smoke from 10 tables with the possibility of 2 mechanics welding at one table.

System Specifics:

  • Twenty- 14' Torit Flex-Trunk exhaust arms give the customer flexibility in the size and shape of the weldments.
  • The smoke is pulled through a Torit 3DF24 Downflo Cartridge Collector, to remove the smoke particulate, then discharged to the atmosphere by a NYB backward incline blower.

The Cartridge Collector meets EPA guidelines for Best Available Control Technology (BACT), by filtering the air at a 99.99% efficiency > 1 micron.

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Cement Dust Handling System

We were contracted to supply and install the ductwork at a new cement plant. This is a prime example of our industrial sheet metal capabilities. All ductwork was a minimum 10 gauge (1/8") with elbows and transitions constructed from three-sixteenth inch plate.

Most of the ductwork was raised into position by cranes or electric winches. Field crews used manlifts and spider staging (window washer staging) to install supports and weld joints.

Specifics of this project include:

  • Installed 16 baghouses containing more than 3,200 bags total.
  • One baghouse utilizes 1,320 - 12-inch round by 31-foot bags.
  • More than 200,000 pounds of steel used for fabrication.
  • Highest duct was placed 270 feet above the ground by a 360-foot crane.

With all the hazards of working from lifts and staging, welding, craning pieces into place and working with heavy ductwork, we completed this project without a single injury. SAFETY FIRST!

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Paper Handling System

We designed, fabricated, and installed this trim handling system for a large envelope manufacturing facility. Our design enabled the client to separate white and mixed colors of paper for higher recycling value and attain nearly 100 percent collection of all scrap produced.

This system includes:

  • Two cyclones (12 foot and 8 foot 4 inch diameter).
  • 11 fans.
  • 10 pneumatic diverters.
  • Two pneumatic knife gates.
  • Support structures.
  • All ducting for this design.

In addition, we specified and installed one auto-tie baler and one slow-speed shredder.

This facility produces approximately 12 tons of scrap per day.

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Wood Working System

A customer approached us looking to replace their existing dust collection system with a larger, central system.

This particular client produces trusses, door and millwork products and was using many small, floor standing, collectors that took up valuable floor space and did not collect dust adequately.

Based on these requirements, we installed:

  • LMC pulse jet baghouse collector outside the building
  • Overhead ductwork to each machine.

The installation went well and we were able to come in under budget.

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