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Our Design Build Process

Here at Argo Blower & Manufacturing, we are well known for solving our customers' air handling and dust problems. We tackle problems head on.

  • Initial Site Visit - important in understanding the problem, provides an initial opportunity to discuss possible solutions and machine locations.
  • Concept - we use all resources available (industrial ventilation standards, SMACNA literature and experience) to generate the best solution.
  • Engineering - choose capture velocities, duct velocities, specify equipment, size ducting, layout ducting and supports (all per UMC, UBC, UFC and SMACNA).
  • Permitting - obtain building and/or mechanical and/or PSAPCA permits.
  • Fabrication - manufacture high-quality ductwork and fittings.
  • Installation - our experienced field crews install a job professionally, efficiently and safely.
  • Startup - Argo is there to assure the system performs and troubleshoots when necessary.

We have designed and installed systems for:

  • Foundry Dust - furnaces, conveyors, weld smoke
  • Steel Plants - furnace exhaust, quench(steam), scale.
  • Cement Dust - bins, kilns, conveyors.
  • Wood Dust & Chips - cabinet shops, door manufacturers, saw mills, furniture manufacturers.
  • Weld Smoke - mig welding, carbon arc burning, submerged arc welding.
  • Paper Handling - scrap paper (from collection at the machine to a final baled product).
  • Aluminum Chips/Dust - machine tools, spar mills.

If you have a project, don't hesitate to contact us