Argo Blower & Mfg., Co., Inc.

Kirk and Blum Component Parts

We carry a complete line of Kirk and Blum component parts for industrial and mechanical applications (i.e. dust collection, product-conveying systems).

Stocked items include:

  • Elbows - 45 and 90 degree
  • Angle Rings
  • Blast Gates
  • Floor Sweeps
  • Round Duct
  • Heavy Gauge Elbows
  • Flex Hose
  • Hose Clamps

Component Inventory

Call for pricing and availability.

45 and 90 Degree Elbows

Stocked sizes include three to 15-inch diameter, 20 to 22 gauge depending on diameter. Manufactured from galvanized steel. Long and short radius available.

Angle Ring

Mild steel rings are stocked in sizes from three to 66-inch diameter, with bolt holes. Some larger sizes available. Custom rings can be ordered in different materials (stainless, aluminum), different angle sizes, and without bolt holes.

Blast Gate

Half or full version from 3" through 14" diameter in stock. Made from cast aluminum housing with galvanized blades. Larger sizes are available - call for lead time.

Floor Sweep

Ready for mounting to six-inch diameter duct. Made from galvanized steel.

Round Duct

3" through 14" diameter in stock. Galvanized steel, 10-foot length, crimped one end and spiral seam. Larger sizes are available - call for lead time.

Heavy Gauge Elbow

Stock sizes include three to eight-inch diameter. 90 degree only (45 degree available - call for lead times). Mild Steel.

Flex Hose

Stocked sizes include three to six-inch diameter. Two-ply cotton neoprene. Larger sizes available - call for lead times.

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