Argo Blower & Mfg., Co., Inc.

Argo History

It all started in 1932 with two immigrants - John Strom, a sheet metal worker from Norway and Wilhelm Eskola, a blacksmith from Finland.

During the 1930s, Seattle and the surrounding area was a boomtown for the wood products industry. We became very involved in these industries, fabricating sawdust shaving removal systems for lumber mills, furniture and moulding/siding manufacturers.

As the Seattle Industrial scene branched out, so did Argo Blower. Soon we were fabricating fans and systems for food and seed plants, coffee roasting foundries, and glass and asphalt manufacturers.

By the early 1970s, Argo teamed up with Boeing Construction Equipment Company, fabricating heavy-duty industrial fans for the asphalt industry. We still continue to fabricate quality asphalt fans today!

Today we take great pride in our complete capabilities. We not only manufacture quality fans, but design and build complete fume control, material handling, product conveying and dust control systems.

We still adhere to the same principles and workmanship today that John and Wilhelm based this business on in 1932. We are very proud of our work, and always appreciate our customers - who keep us going strong!