Argo Blower & Mfg., Co., Inc.


We fabricate heavy-duty industrial fans for use in a wide range of applications:

  • Paper/corrugate waste trim systems.
  • Dust control for cement, asphalt, foundry and wood industries.
  • Cooling for glass manufacturing plants.

All fans are built to custom specifications, using only the best quality components. All fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced - ensuring a long, reliable production life!

Fan Repair

We can either repair fan wheels or fabricate a new wheel if required. As with our new fans, all wheels are statically and dynamically balanced. We can also provide fan componentry - shafts, bearings, motors, etc.

Need proof? Check out this repair:

Before Repair
The wheel is destroyed, the bearings are cooked! Things did not look good.
After Repair
New wheel, new bearings and shaft. Better than new!
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